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Brass is a very malleable alloy of copper and zinc that is non-magnetic and corrosive resistant. It is an easily machined metal with very good joining, plating, polishing, and finishing characteristics. ... Aldine commonly fabricates brackets and smaller components using brass sheet.


Copper is well known for it’s conductivity but it has other properties that have been exploited in a wide range of copper alloys. These alloys have been developed for a wide variety of applications and numerous fabrication processes employed to produce finished goods.

Fabrication techniques that copper alloys are largely suited to include machining, forming, stamping, joining, polishing and plating.

The exceptional machinability of some copper alloys means that free machining brass sets the standard of machinability by which all other metals are judged.



Aluminium is available in a wide range of alloys, as well as multiple production processes and heat treatments.

These can be divided into two main categories of wrought alloy as listed below:

Heat Treatable or Precipitation Hardening Alloys

Heat treatable aluminum alloys consist of pure aluminum that is heated to a certain point. The alloy elements are then homogeneously added as the aluminum takes on a solid form. This heated aluminum is then quenched as the cooling atoms of the alloy elements are frozen into place.

Stainless Steel

A hugely versatile material with unique properties, stainless steel is an exceptional material for use in many applications.

Materials are sources from approved and highly reputable mills and our customers can have confidence that all materials supplied originate from trusted and proven manufacturers.


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